Zinedine Zidane is pursuing a hat-trick of European titles with Real Madrid…

Zinedine Zidane is pursuing a hat-trick of European titles with Real Madrid…

There is a theory around Zinedine Zidane that he is about to burn-out at Real Madrid, frazzled by the biggest job in football and ready to call it quits at the end of the season.

He didn’t look like a man desperate to get away on Tuesday when he glided effortlessly through another big-game press conference smiling at most of the questions he had to face and laughing at the suggestion Madrid might be living in fear of their Bayern Munich test on Wednesday night.

One reporter asked him about memories of previous battles between the two giants of the game and said: ‘In Germany they used to say that every time Real Madrid came here they would s*** their trousers.’


The Real Madrid coach was at first bemused and then amused by the reference. Looking stage left and then stage right, and grinning broadly he said: ‘Anything can happen but one thing that won’t happen is this “s******g the trousers”.

‘That doesn’t exist. We love playing these big games. It’s completely the opposite. As a manager, player or fan, it’s great to play these games.’

He looked like a man too busy enjoying himself to be even considering a future beyond Real Madrid.

So if Mauricio Pochettino’s comments at the weekend about Tottenham’s future possibly being with another coach were a nod and wink to Real Madrid, it seems for now Zidane is not about to move over and make room for the Argentine.

The power of the Champions League is that two big victories change everything. Zidane is now being looked at by some as a good a manager as he was a player. He looks as poised in the press conference hot seat at the moment as he used to pirouetting out on the pitch with the white shirt on.


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