Jennifer Lopez wore $4.5 MILLION worth of Tiffany & Co jewelry for her new Dinero music video

Jennifer Lopez wore $4.5 MILLION worth of Tiffany & Co jewelry for her new Dinero music video .

Jennifer Lopez certainly sparkled for her new Dinero music video which debuted on Thursday.

That’s because the 48-year-old singer wore $4.5 MILLION worth of Tiffany & Co jewelry for the shoot.


And the Shades Of Blue star and producer modeled plenty of styles too as she had a total of 13 different looks for the clip that included Cardi B.

Her diamond pieces included a thick choker, several rings, bracelets and long earrings.

The pop icon flies through a string of glitzy outfits as she thunders energetically through her choreography.


‘Working with Tiffany & Co. on this project was the perfect fit considering we were looking for jewelry that could fit an array of high fashion looks,’ Lopez’s stylist Mariel Haenn told People.

‘From street wear to high end couture styling. They are a well-known and respected brand that had the perfect aesthetic.’

At one point, J-Lo pops on a frill-topped Arturio Rios theatrical mask and slips into bed alongside Cardi, who raps from under the covers.

Jennifer has said she cast Cardi in the video long before she hit it big.

The music video is chockablock with eye-popping sequences, including J-Lo walking an ostrich through a gate into a lavishly appointed garden.

While accompanied by her animal pal, Jennifer shows off her legs in a 16 Arlington dress with a thigh-slit high enough to expose her underwear.

The Jenny From The Block singer sported a glitzed-up New York Yankees cap – which happens to have a double significance for her personally.

Not only is Jennifer herself a native of the Big Apple, but her current boyfriend Alex Rodriguez also used to play for the Yankees.

Cardi slips herself into a frilly white gown and feathery hat to gleefully smack money around with a croquet mallet.

Meanwhile, Khaled lounges in a private screening room watching a scene from Casino with Robert DeNiro – whose surname is an anagram for Dinero.





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